About Jason Crane

I’m the host of The Jazz Session, the first and longest-running jazz interview podcast.

As a jazz broadcaster and podcaster for more than 20 years, I’ve received thousands of press releases and bios. At this point, I know how to make them stand out: short stories accompanied, in the case of a press release, by the basic information about the album and the people who made it.

Moreover, as someone who has conducted well over a thousand jazz interviews, plus at least another thousand interviews with non-jazz folks, I’ve honed my ability to get to the heart of an artist’s life and creative path. This, combined with my experience as a writer and editor for newspapers, wire services, radio, television, and podcasts, means I have a unique viewpoint on marketing for musicians and on what makes a compelling story.

Put all my background together and you’ve got someone who understands what good writing for artists should be, how to get the information needed to do the writing, and how to craft a final product that tells a story and generates interest. I’m a fast worker, too.

You’ll find samples of my work by clicking any of the menu items in the navigation bar.

Let’s work together to tell your story!

Contact me at jason@cranewrites.com