Client Feeback

“Jason did a fantastic job with my wiki page. He was very easy to work with, was conscientious in his attention to detail and responded very quickly to my suggested edits and additions. He did a great job of researching the appropriate citations and references (which is vital for a wiki page) and laid the whole thing out in a very clear and readable way. As a plus, he came in right on budget! Highly recommended.”

— bassist, composer, nonprofit administrator Ben Allison

“I hired Jason because I wanted someone who would take the time to understand my music and who could help me tell the story behind it. I feel that Jason writes and runs his podcast The Jazz Session the same way. He does a tremendous amount of research so he can speak eloquently about each artist. The fact that he does this with each artist — whether they’re releasing their first album or their 50th — shows that he loves the music. I love this music and I like to work with people who love this music.”

— drummer Deric Dickens

“Jason sums up my music better than I ever could. Highly recommended.”

— guitarist Ross Hammond

“I have probably wasted months of my life trying to write my own bio (and sound like someone else wrote it). Every time I had someone write it, it never lived up to my expectation. But then Jason did it in a couple days and now I am mad at him for not offering this service years ago! (He also crafted the perfect press release for my new album.) Don’t waste another minute trying to do this stuff yourself. Hire Jason and don’t lose months of your life writing these things.”

— saxophonist (John Mayer band) Bob Reynolds

“Jason Crane is a sharp, creative and responsive writer who actually ‘gets it’ when it comes to today’s music industry. A great person to have in your corner when you need fresh words.”

— guitarist Daryl Shawn

“I asked Jason to write me a press release/one-pager for my new record and I am very happy with the result! I like how all the elements (what the record is about, the intentions behind it, the technical aspects and biographies) fit together in a narrative. Now that reviews are coming out I can see just how well this worked. He was able to point the listener in the right direction to understand the record. It was a pleasure working with him, very fast and professional. I highly recommend him!”

— guitarist Nico Soffiato