Famed Menswear Designer Alan Flusser To Offer Fashion Tips For Men On A Budget

Famed Menswear Designer Alan Flusser To Offer Fashion Tips For Men On A Budget
Flusser Coming To Stein Mart Stores In Palm Springs And La Quinta

(10 November 2011) – He’s designed suits for everyone from Michael Douglas (Wall Street) and Al Pacino (Scent Of A Woman) to today’s top executives, and now Alan Flusser is coming to two area Stein Mart stores on November 17 and 18 to offer personalized advice on dressing like a million dollars even when you don’t have a million dollars.

Flusser will be at the Palm Springs Stein Mart at 1555 Palm Canyon Drive on Thursday, Nov. 17 from 5-7 p.m. to offer tips on dressing well for the budget-conscious consumer. He’ll also be at the Stein Mart in La Quinta at 78945 Highway 111 from 12-2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 18.

Called “one of the most knowledgeable experts on men’s fashion” by Ralph Lauren, Flusser is a best-selling author of four books on men’s fashion and the recipient of the coveted Coty Award and the Cutty Sark Fashion Award. In the fall of 2001, Flusser debuted an exclusive range of menswear for the popularly priced retail chain Stein Mart. Today, Stein Mart features his sportswear, tailored clothing, and accessories in 275 of their stores across the United States.

“I’m very proud of the Alan Flusser line at Stein Mart,” Flusser said. “It gives me a chance to bring my ideas about fashion to every man. It really is true that you can dress well without breaking the bank. I’m looking forward to meeting my customers face to face at Stein Mart and offering them fashion advice.”

About Alan Flusser

Alan Flusser is the President of Alan Flusser Designs, a menswear business he founded in 1979. The business’s flagship remains the Alan Flusser Custom Shop, the now legendary custom tailoring business that Flusser created in 1986. In March 2003, after having been ensconced for seven years on the sixth floor of Saks Fifth Avenue overlooking Rockefeller Center, the shop returned to its independent roots in an elegant midtown townhouse at 3 East 48th St. in Manhattan.

In 1971, Flusser began work as a stylist of boy’s shirts for the Phillips Van Heusen Company. After two years at Van Heusen, Flusser was hired as the head designer of a newly formed American sportswear division for Pierre Cardin – at the time, fashion’s most famous men’s designer.

Traveling all over the world, Flusser pioneered the development of coordinated sportswear collections in the then fledgling markets of Hong Kong, Brazil, and India. In six years under Flusser’s design stewardship, the Pierre Cardin Relax sportswear business grew into an important and highly visible force on the American fashion landscape. In 1978, Flusser left to form Alan Flusser Designs.

In 1980, during his first year in business, Flusser was nominated for the Coty Award, then the industry’s Oscar. Deciding to make an exception, the Coty Award nominating committee waived their two-year eligibility requirement and nominated Alan for the first of his four nominations as the country’s top menswear designer. In 1984, having been awarded the prestigious Coty Award, he was cited in a special New York Times Fashion supplement as one of America’s top five menswear designers. In 1986, Alan was given a special Cutty Sark Fashion Award for “ his unique contribution to the literature of menswear” – a tribute to his first two books, Making the Man and Clothes and the Man.

Flusser attracted national attention for the wardrobe he designed for Michael Douglas in his Academy Award-winning role as Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. During this period, Flusser also received favorable notices for his work on the film wardrobes of Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman as well as HBO’s Barbarians at the Gate movie.

Flusser’s third book, Style and the Man, was published in 1996. Its sales established Flusser as the best-selling author in modern menswear history. Over the past 20 years, Flusser has contributed articles on men’s style to periodicals all over the world, including The New York Times, Esquire Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, and Gentleman’s Quarterly, along with periodic columns in Men’s Health and Menswear Magazine.

Flusser’s fourth and most comprehensive book on men’s style, Dressing The Man, Mastering The Art of Permanent Fashion, debuted in the fall of 2002, once again published by Harper Collins. In a unprecedented show of fashion camaraderie, Ralph Lauren offered Dressing The Man for sale in all his retail stores while Brooks Brothers arranged to have published its own special edition, the first time in this storied retailer’s one hundred and fifty year history that an outsider’s name was allowed to grace their shelves. In May of 2010, Harper Collins unveiled an update of Flusser’s third book, Style and The Man, which was modernized into a pocket-sized compendium of shopping insights and personal fitting guidelines. Flusser also has an iPhone app called BeSpeak.

About Stein Mart

Founded by the current chairman’s grandfather just after the turn of the 20th century, the Stein Mart concept has evolved into a nationwide network of easy-to-access freestanding stores. Their merchandise includes current-season, brand-name fashion for women and men, accessories, home décor, linens, and shoes. All are at prices up to 60% below department store prices. Stein Mart updates merchandise frequently and supplies a limited inventory of each item per store.